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Lithography is an optical printing process which uses a positive image of the design to be printed to create the final product. This allows for highly complex images and illustrations to be printed, allowing for extremely clear and crisp images.

Lithographic printing is a great way to get your message out there. Layers of ink can be layered on the page and moved around with a multitude of different printers, which make the platform ideal for advertising campaigns or political messages that need to spread fast.


Lithographics.Org is the premier destination for ordering lithographs, lithographics, litho prints, original artworks, and more. Are you an artist interested in listing original artworks or prints? Check out our about page to find out more information.


Lithography is a printing process that relies on the inks and stone powder created by water. It produces cleaner, sharper definition than digital printing and is ideal for high quality prints.

Lithographic printing is an ideal solution for companies looking for high quality materials and quick turnaround, but without the headache of managing a digital press. Litho printing has been used to print catalogues, posters and books since, well before the invention of photography.

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